Monday, July 6, 2009


My sisters and I are pretty close. Growing up together does that to you. Lately, I'm starting to notice that we've become a little different. I share a room with one of my sisters but most of our conversations have either one of us half-awake in bed. The lawyer who works all day and the call center drone who works till the wee hours of the morning. Perfect combination.

Scene: Weekend. My sister in front of a laptop watching a movie. Chinese (or was it Japanese?) dialogue barely audible from the front speakers. Me, four hours of sleep, hair in fifteen different directions, unsure of the date and time.

Her: You wanna go to Osaka?
Me: Not really. I don't think that stuff's real.
Her: (pause) How can you not believe in Japan?
Me: (left eye opens and then strains. big pause) Oh you meant Osaka. Osaka, Japan!
Her: Yeah. What did you think?
Me: (sheepishly) Iridology?

I swear. One of these days, she's not going to recognize me anymore.

Photo Credit: Neon Lights in Osaka (jeffbl88)

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