Monday, May 25, 2009

sooner or later

…everyone leaves.

I was a little sleepy when I checked my mail today. I swore I must’ve been still sleeping when I saw an annulment of sorts in my inbox.

From: Multiply <>
Subject: Please confirm _____’s change to your relationship

_____ is requesting a change in the way your relationship is identified on Multiply - from Life Partner to Friend. Please visit your Home page to either accept or reject _____'s request. If you reject, then we will continue to recognize your relationship with _____ as Life Partner.

With a few mouse clicks, she was finally able to tell me everything she’s been holding back for months. Much as I would like to think that we would be partners for life, she needed to make some changes- note: not want to but had to. I can't blame her. She had every right to do this.

I’ve been moved to the Friends category (which is undoubtedly where I belong).

I guess I got what I deserved. “I’m sorry, I really tried.” I said six months ago*. I was sorry then. I’m still sorry now.

Sorry I wasn’t who you expected. Sorry I wasn't who I expected. Sorry we couldn’t get past certain things. Sorry I couldn’t even tell you to your face. Sorry. Sorry.

My hand slowly crept up the mouse. I closed my eyes, clicked the green button and let her go. Isn't it strange how technology has warped us all?

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