Sunday, February 15, 2009

update: spotted

I got a strange message today.

Guess who got a VD makeover? Self-confessed DIET trainer-slash-diet breaker was spotted at Makati Avenue with something noticeably missing. Is it a sign of more changes to come or just a momentary lapse in judgment? Stay tuned. xoxo gg

Note to self: stop watching bad (but hideously addictive) TV shows. At about 2 in the morning on Valentine's Day, I realized my hair was a little boring. Sometimes you just need a little thing to change everything.

I’ve only been bald three times in my life: (1) when I was born, (2) on the eve of the new millennium and (3) today. I could give a million reasons to justify my lack of follicles. My friend’s going through chemo and I wanted to support her. I bet on the wrong team and I gambled my hair away. Summer’s coming and I despise the heat. Truth is, I was just bored and I felt like I needed a big change to start taking control of my life.

I’ve been epiphanizing to the hilt and I finally feel like I’m getting better on the inside. On the other hand, I’ve been completely ignoring my outward appearance. Like a phantom limb, I sometimes catch myself running my hands through my non-existent hair. I’m not really sure what the hell I did or if I’m going to regret it but so far, it’s been fun. If my scalp could talk, I bet it would thank me. I haven’t been this product-free in years. My friends tell me it looks fine. But then again, they’re not the ones who get shocked when they pass by a reflective surface.