Friday, August 8, 2008

hey... piburtdey... teyey!!!

It's official. I'm 22. (BUT) In about 4 hours, I'm due to present a vowel sound in front of our boss aka the only American in the department. I don't know why that should make any difference but to me it does. The last time he saw me do this was when I applied for the position and that was months ago.

So with all this pressure, I've been unable to fully enjoy my birthday. Last night was spent rehearsing in front of anything that would listen- cats, dogs, mice, cockroaches and when I decided to call it a day (or night), I twisted and turned in bed. Nervous much?

It's funny how my online accounts have followed suit. They've forgotten my birthday too! I checked my mail when I woke up and saw that the ages haven't changed. They usually do at around 12 since I've properly input the timezone and country. Anyway, it seems my birthday has to take the back seat first. Today's only celebration will be if they all drop their jaws properly.