Sunday, September 9, 2007

ze end...

don't really remember the exact date that I became a sunday school teacher. if memory serves correctly, i believe I began as an assistant sometime in September 2004. I never really realized I've been a sunday school teacher longer than i have been a blogger. It's kinda sad now that it's all over since I feel like i'm letting go of something that really influenced my thoughts, my feelings, et cetera. at the same time, i understand this is for the best. i wouldn't trust my own nephew to be placed under my care. i had absolutely nothing to offer them. i don't really wanna be the lesser evil. i'm sure God has other plans for that class.

goal recap
  1. Resign from Sunday School - talked to Tita Cecile this morning and i think she understood my reasons. She asked me to teach the 10:30 class but I didn't go. I suddenly realized I couldn't anymore and I didn't want to let her down.
  2. Start thinking of poss career expansion - sent resumes to some interesting places. informed TM of plans and reasons why I was thinking of leaving. Still undecided if career expansion entails leaving the company. internally, plans to keep stats in good condition have been pretty successful.
  3. Work on meeting new people to expand network - slated to meet some poss interesting people in the next couple of weeks. still working on this.
  4. Start praying / lean on things that matter - sigh, unfortunately kinda hard to do. i did get to pray about a few weeks ago but it was really short and kinda difficult.
  5. Stop thinking about what'll get me through the day and - v. good in this dept. have started to budget funds and even exercise (yeah, walking to the pantry counts as exercise).
  6. Start thinking about what'll bring me to my future. - good here too. started to understand that all is temporary.
pretty good couple of days if i may say so myself. got over a lot of things that were bothering me and now am focused towards goals. it's funny when you force things to revolve around you that you end up revolving around them. when you lose yourself to something really powerful, all you can do to make it in one piece is to hold on.

so today's a pretty good day. i read somewhere that things are impossible not by their nature but by your approach. mind over matter. haha

peace out.