Sunday, August 12, 2007

unloading zone only

After an hour of sitting (or vacillating, our ex-boarder Cherie liked saying), I realized I really like my age. If you think about it, 7 is my favorite number and 21 is three sevens. I still have license to be crazy. I can still chalk things up to my youth and say "ah! i was younger then" when i'm seventy and wrinkly. After reading comments on my multiply, I guess i am rushing into things rather quickly. I still have lots of time. tons even.

I was sitting sa couch when I suddenly felt so restless. I have this habit of walking around the house in circles. My mom was cooking and when my dad pointed out that I was at it again, she said if I was so bored, why don't I clean or do laundry. Hahahaha i've got lots of time. tons even.

When you work for a contact center, you've no choice but to absorb the culture of time. Be at work fifteen minutes before your shift to pull your applications up. Breaks are fifteen minutes only. No more than that but if you want you can log in early. Shift ends on the dot. Log out of Avaya. Kill the PC. Shove your headset inside your locker. Wash your mug. Go home.

When you think of it that way, time is all we have. Who was it that once said, in the end all we are doing is passing time. What have you done today? What will you tell your children when they ask you how you spent your youth. If time were a currency, should I spend it wisely?

Time time time. I've got loads of it in my locker, in my room (err, the one I share with Fowey), in my backpack. Time time time. I've got lots of time.