Wednesday, August 1, 2007

oh gawd, what have i done?

when i signed up for employment, as in literally while i was filling out HR forms, i didn't realize this was going to be such a roller coaster. i must admit that when the day's good, it really is so much fun. but when it's bad, ugh, you end up wishing the ground would swallow you whole.

after a particularly difficult call, a subject matter expert approached me and told me i was doing a good job. he said that call was beautiful and in turn, i felt super super. i had a smile on my face even on my twenty minute calls. i felt like nothing could faze me.

segue to an hour later, same SME runs to my seat and tells me to review the account. gawd, what an idiot i was. i missed a crucial bit of information (which is all i could really say) and nearly released the call with the person having grossly incorrect information. gawd, i wanted to hide under my monitor but the beeping in my headset told me to snap out of it and take the next call.

the SME's are a bunch of seasoned agents from the US that i really respect and adore. they're very nice and are more than happy to assist you when you're so ready to give up. getting a kind word from them may happen a lot but you still feel super super afterwards.

voila, one hour later there's a random phone search on the floor. guess the name of the idiot with his (did i mention broken) phone still in his pocket. duh, of course cellphones aren't allowed on the production floor. ding!

ugh, from superstar agent to superstar loser. days like this being underground seems like such a lovely escape.

and on top of all that, there was the shame of having to have my phone searched. i felt so bad because my phone isn't exactly in tiptop shape.

but it wasnt all bad. i learned a valuable lesson and my TM really stuck her head out for me and came through on so many levels. it was a lesson i needed to learn and so i guess all's not lost.

still, the climate underground seems like a lovely escape.

maybe i should clone myself and become a dugtrio. anyone else know what i'm talking about. these digletts and dugtrios really know how to live. just pop up whenever, wherever.

ugh, my train of thought's busted. maybe it's time to get some sleeeepp.padasdssdfdfd..zzzzzzzz