Thursday, July 19, 2007

running running as fast as we can!

It's hard to believe that two years ago in this post, i was taking pictures of my brand new window's view. now, two years older (and wiser!), I sadly look out my room's window and find *sigh* a big 'ol wall.

yes, after two years of living above the city, we have finally moved. the new place is a three bedroom apartment smack in the middle of somewhere. the people here are nice although i sometimes feel like i'm stuck in the middle of a big private joke.

my first friend is a persian named Paris. a persian kitty that is. as i lay crumpled, keyless, in front of the locked front door, Paris kept me company. Although to be honest, I believe she stayed for the chin rubbies..

everything's fine now. at first, i didn't want to move but after seeing the new place and how in the end, we're all better off here, i started to enjoy it. there's a jollibee, mcdonald's, a mercury drug, and a cheapo grocery nearby. and to top it all off, i found a P20/hour internet place. I know it's so petty but it's these little things you get accustomed to.

so anyways, i feel a little sick today. it's really funny how a sore throat can spell the end of the world when you're an analyst. despite my best efforts, i showed up for my monday shift almost voice-less and swollen. my TM, in all her infinite niceness, politely sent me home. I felt so bad. I didn't even realize i loved working so much until I physically could not do it. after a particularly long call with a chatty Indian woman, I excused myself and went home.

Which really doesnt surprise me by the way. I had a feeling i'd lose my voice. after two weeks of being mentally and verbally constipated, i finally let go and the effects was bittersweet. two hours later, i croaked my last audible sentence (or it could've been a line from a song)

so now, i'm slowly getting my voice back. an analyst with no voice is like a soldier without a rifle or a student without a pencil- useless and wasteful. i had to take a deduction for being sent home so I strived to be as healthy as i can. In a span of two days, I've OD'd on the following: salabat, salt and water solution, warm to borderline hot water, pei pa koa lozenges, valda pastilles, strepsils and mentos (oh, mentos. must you be so cruel?). it's funny how i've managed to become orally fixated because of a sore throat.

so anyway, i don't believe i'm making much sense anymore. i really hope i get my voice back. life's too complicated as it is.