Tuesday, July 31, 2007

of payslips and slipups

i just got my payslip this morning and i guess it finally dawned on me that i am now a tax paying, SSS contributing member of society. how weird it is to find myself complaining about how the government is taking my money whereas when I was but a student I thought of it as a necessity for a proper nation. now i'm just smarting from the money i have no choice but to give.

which reminds me of my upcoming birthday. i once wrote in my journal that this was the last summer of my youth and I guess i never bothered to think about all that those words mean. i am getting older. there's less room for mistakes now that I'm expected to be more, to do more..

maybe it's just me. next week, i've got a better shift at work so I can finally clock in some decent hours of sleep.