Sunday, October 8, 2006

greatest hits and misses

i don't remember the feeling of jealousy. there were times when i was envious, that much i will admit but the last time i was really jealous, i doubt that was it. i was young and stupid (i'm not a wuss. i didn't want to say i was naive) and i probably had no right to be jealous anyway but last week, seeing something unravel before me- something that i tried to supress but came out anyway. i don't know. i stared blankly for the rest of the day and i didn't know who i could tell. what business do they have with each other? hearing a friend's confirmation spelled the end of a long-time relationship. maybe it was meant to happen. after all, when people walk away from you, we should let them go. our destiny is never tied to anybody who can just pick up and leave you. i guess it doesn't mean they are bad people. it just means that their part in your story is over. someone sent that message to me and i guess i believe in some power that controls my life. oh well, you win some, you lose some.

anyways, i watched the departed and it totally rocked. my sister's been pressuring me to watch infernal affairs for years now and i think i am going to now. hahaha... and i actually gained a new-found respect for leonardo dicaprio. scorsese is a genius. this movie totally rocked.

anything with jack nicholson turns into an event. i think leonard maltin said that and it's true. it's cool how they used the irish instead of the mafia. it would have been compared endlessly to the godfather. my sister says the departed's definitely better than infernal affairs. hollywood ending and all, it's really cool.

updates. aka affirmations for the lonely.
1. i hate matt damon.
2. leo's cool again.
3. love is for losers. bwahahaha
4. where are people when you need them.
5. anyone wanna watch pelicula pelikula (spanish filmfest) in greenbelt with me?
5. ambiguous people who don't tell you their intentions suck.
6. alchoholics know how to live.
7. being single totally sucks, despite what the single losers say.
8. bagyong milenyo- take me with you!
9. we filipinos are living in billboard hell. <-bwahahahaha i <3 miriam!