Wednesday, July 26, 2006

goodbye tina fey

so i was watching jay a couple of nights ago and tina fey was on. i can't believe she's leaving SNL. she's like an institution there, next to lorne michaels. i mean think about it: nobody makes it out of SNL alive. chris kattan: poof. jimmy fallon: semi poof. she should just stick to what she does best.

the super delayed SNL featuring the ever lovely scarlett johansson aired, finally and tina fey was barely on it. maya rudolph was nowhere to be seen. (maybe it was around the time she was preggers.) i guess tina was slowly pulling out. i can't imagine weekend update without her. *sob*

okay. i take my word back. stars are blind is kinda growing on me. grrr... after a hilarious dance at our GA, im sorta rethinking my stance on this song. in one hand, it's irritating and soooo stupid but on the other, i can imagine myself on the beach with this song.

i'm watching the pussycat dolls this friday. i'm sorta not that excited. maybe it's about me being so busy these days.

have y'all seen pink's new video, u and ur hand? it's a fun song. typical pink rudeness. apparently, she shot it around the same time she shot stupid girls. in one shot, she looks like a naked cow. u might say all cows are naked but believe me, u'll get what i mean when you watch it, too. she's on the bed wearing lace. mooooo...

i am officially addicted to cold case. since classes were disrupted, i have finished the entire season. i'm kinda praning now that cold case has taught me that crime and murder is everywhere. gasp. there's a bad man in my room. let me jump out.

anyway, im sorta busy so i'll be updating in a few days. hopefully, i'll be more well versed. got a really funny story about a bar, too much drinks, an open mic, and "push the button".

peace. :D

ps. here are a few pictures my korean friends sent me.

this one is me walking to robinson's. feeling self-conscious because they were oh so blatantly taking my picture. look kinda weird. i don't know why the girl next to me looks like an exposé gone bad. maybe she didn't want to be in a picture with me.

this one is kinda funny. they really put some thought into it. i guess it's nice to be missed. :D