Tuesday, January 3, 2006

busy busy busy

Here's what I've been busy doing all christmas break. I've been taking pictures and stuff! I've also been quite busy with taking care of my nephew who's just bundles of joy. Browse down and enjoy the pictures!

My window is one of my favorite subjects!

He almost looks scared in this one.

And a few for my friendster account: This is a play on the super late reruns of ANTM in Channel V.

Ever been surprised to find someone sleeping on your bed?

My second venture. A little more surreal.

So that's it. I actually feel like such a loser when i found out Mutya had left the Sugababes and I didn't even know about it. Gawsh, to think I own every record. *sigh*

I'll be updating again when I feel like it. Hehehe... :D

PS. My sim card and i had a 'little' accident and to make an excrutiatingly long story short, i snapped it in two. So now my phone book's basically populated with emergency numbers and hotlines. If you own a mobile, please send me your number so I won't have to ask for an introduction. That's sooo embarassing. :D