Thursday, October 27, 2005

An actual and formal CD Review!!!

The Cardigans | Super Extra Gravity | Release Date: October 27, 2005

i've had this record for about a week now. i was surprised to see that its release date is actually today (tomorrow internationally). i actually like the cardigans, even though this is the first album i ever got of them.

the look of it solely is well worth the purchase price. i so love her on the cover.

her voice is so romantically pained. she sounds like a soft shirley manson. everything ashley simpson couldn't deliver, the cardigans bring to the table. i so loved her old tracks like "lovefool" and "my favorite game". you guys should hear lovefool acoustic. it's so nice. she's come a long way from burning down tom jones's house. (not her brightest moment)

she's soft on all the right parts and tough as nails on the rock parts. sometimes shirley (manson) can be so tough plus that accent really works against her. not saying that garbage isn't good, i mean where would we be without such great songs like "milk" and "androgyny". anyways, back to the cardigans.

"i need some fine wine and you, you need to be nicer" is the first single and the video totally rocks. i usually like UK music. Keane totally blew my mind. Not sure if the cardigans (or Keane) are from the UK but they totally kick Kelly Clarkson's ass. not that kelly's all that bad either.

I love the first track called "losing a friend". it's so melancholy (even though i hate that word) but the lyrics pack a punch. when she purrs the words out in the chorus, my heart just goes out to her.

other notable tracks include "Good Morning Joan", "Godspell", and one of the many bonus tracks called "Slow". All in all, a steady 8.5/10!

My Christmas Wishlist!

My, it's quite long! I want to cry!!!

I've taken the liberty of posting this on my template for all of you's who... ahem... love me!

I must say Cindy Lauper is staging a slow but effective comeback. Many people have said her last album "At Last" was really nice and now her acoustic album has all her old songs stripped bare and sung with some of today's cooooolest voices like Sarah McLachlan and Vivien Green. I Want IT!!!

(Said like Zorro's kid) I can't wait till my Papi pirates you so I can buy you! Bwahahahaha!!!

Update on my life: After gaining about ten lbs this sem (six from finals alone!), i vowed to lose all that plus then ten more i need to reach my ideal weight this sembreak. last night, i go to the scale and tada!!! i gained 8 lbs more!!! aargh!

My desk here at the office is being infested by ants. small, red, gross ones. I'm still doing my summer job. This catalog is now officially called: the layout gig that would not end!!!