Monday, July 11, 2005

Quiapo SO rules

Subtitled: Girls can get away with anything!

Let it be known that today, the 11th of July, I was able to get The 'All-American Rejects' latest album 'Move Along', a day before its official US release. Two if you factor in the time zones and stuff. I am soooo happy I could shite my pants tight. Quiapo rocks. QUIAPO ROCKS!!!

FYI, Move Along is one of 5 records that I'm anticipating this year. There's Oral Fixation due November, I think. Mr. A-Z and Jagged Acoustic due this month. Move Along is here (I don't need to get an original copy like Jagged since i'm not thaaat into them) and the new Jewel disc which I'm not sure will be out by this year.

The new AAR record sounds a bit different than the first one. There's less drama and more music. Not that the drama is at all bad. I kinda liked that about them. His voice seemed better on the first record. It had more emotion. Move Along kinda sounds like The Calling sometimes crossed with Hoobastank. I think I read somewhere that the guy that produced one of Hoobie's records produced this one.

I noticed that the band is no longer affiliated with Dreamworks. The new record was published by Interscope (No Doubt?). Their debut album was better but this one rocks as well. My favorites are 'Dirty Little Secret' and 'Can't Take It'. Be sure to get it when you see it! (or not, totally depends on you!)

In terms of artwork, I'm glad they finally chose to be on the cover. Their last CD had no pictures of them, despite the lead singer looking like an anorexic Christopher Reeve semi-clone. That's what separates this band from other bands. They look so darn pretty. Ha ha... my friend Joel asked me why I like AAR and not Yellow Card. Hehe, hope that answered your question.

Anyways, Quiapo is super cool. Super cool. I was there with Nairah, this girl from my Speech class. She saw me get down the cab, ran after me, and offered to come with me. It was cool how I was thinking I might see her while I was in transit but I didn't expect I actually would. We went disc shopping really quick and on the way back, her bag accidentally caused a pile of Renz Verano Karaoke CDs (not kidding!) to fall on the floor. Simultaneously, my left shoe caught one of them and left an *ahem* lasting impression. I could've peed my pants if only I didn't have better bladder control. She smiled, batted her eyelashes and said 'Sorry' in a way only Kris Aquino could equal. The guy smiles, almost blushingly says 'buti nalang maganda yung nakabagsak!' or 'It's a good thing the person who dropped this is so pretty'. I was counting my money in my head just in case I had to pay for the pile but thank goodness her winning smile sorted everything out! :D

I also got the complete Fall Out Boy collection. My friend Martin always made kwento about how they were sooo cool and stuff. I dunno. I'd be a liar if i didn't say I was very disappointed. They seem like a less impressive, less attractive, less funny version of Good Charlotte. Martin seems to really like them. Maybe if I listen to them a few more times, I'll finally get it.

I'm cleaning my room. Moving out by the end of the week. So much fun. Got stories to tell you but they'll have to wait. The woods are lovely dark and deep but I've got promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.

COCK IT AND PULL IT! :D (those words will do horrors to my search engine keywords)