Wednesday, June 8, 2005

prettiest garbage

i finally saw the video for Sex Is Not The Enemy which was supposed to be in the enhanced portion (or is it Why Do You Love Me?) of Garbage's latest CD, Bleed Like Me. It seemed to be running on a low budget. Mostly Shirley Manson just playing around. I was running on a low budget, too so I just bought the bootleg. *sigh*

Anyways, I was checking out the official Garbage website so that I could watch SINTE nga but I was so surprised to see that my favorite (and title) track, Bleed Like Me had a video na pala. It's so cool. A bit on the cheesy side at times (sullen crazy people) but very reminiscent of Girl, Interrupted (my fave movie.)

I especially love that scene (look above!) in Bleed Like Me where she's on her bed and her red hair flows eerily like blood. Sorta, nay really creepy but nice anyway. I swear, Shirley Manson can get away with anything.

you should see my scaaaaaaaaaars!

postscript (edit): look alive! it's here. be afraid. be very, very afraid. chris from sophomoronic says the first single is okay but anything with that redhead is garbage to me. (no reference to shirley manson whatsoever) :D