Monday, June 27, 2005

my brothers they never went blind for what they did

this album is so brilliant!
Jagged Little Pill is one of the rare albums that hit me hard. I've had it since 1995. (Actually, my sister did. I didn't get an actual copy till I was old enough to buy one!) I remember sneaking my sister's copy out every once in a while and listening to Perfect or Mary Jane and basically letting the music pull me through some of the hardest days of my life. Everyone said she was too angry, too jaded, there was always something wrong with her. Being a repressed product of a strict Christian school, I had to listen to it in private and spoke to no one.

To date, there is no song in that album that I cannot sing to. I think everyone knows at least one Alanis song enough to sing to its words.

Under Rug Swept soon became another favorite. That Particular Time and Flinch felt like Alanis ripped my heart out and wrote a song about it. I don't say that often about songs. It's rare to find a song that speaks directly to us.

Okay, thank bootleg city I finally have a Jagged Little Pill Acoustic album! It's been released in Starbucks America since early this month. I was going to wait until July 26 when the album will be released internationally but the pirates have helped me see through that.

All the tracks follow the same order as the original but have gone through a lot of changes in terms of vocals and instruments used. Some have the eary strings reminiscent of Uninvited. Admittedly, this album is less powerful than the first one but any hard fan will appreciate the fresh spin on the songs. It mirrors the artist itself as we all know Alanis had become tamer through the years. Yes, she still screams about heartache and pain but this time, you get a feeling that she's past it and is on her way to redemption.

All the songs are stripped down, that is except for the previously hidden track Your House. This and Forgiven are my two favorite JLP tracks on both versions. Because the old YH left plenty to the imagination in its accapella form, I was initially wary that the acoustic accompanied version would fare less than the original. I was not disappointed though. The dressed up version includes a very touching guitar that sounds the words' pain with each stroke. This is a very beautiful album. From beginning to end, it showcases how one can grow beautifully from pain. It almost feels like a story that we've all heard before told in a totally different manner.

Can't wait till July 26 'till I can finally get the original one. According to the internet, it'll be enhanced and stuff. My copy isn't so I'll surely get an original copy when it's released. Alanis totally rocks!