Thursday, June 16, 2005

jung typology

i took this test called the Jung Typology Test and what the results are very interesting. it said that i was an ESFP or Extroverted(11%) Sensing(12%) Feeling(50%) Percieveing(56%) kind of person. I've got a slightly expressed exrovert, slightly expressed sensing, moderately expressed feeling, and moderately expressed percieving personality. I read more about it here and here. you guys should try this test. it seems dead on so far. basically, i like attention. that's so not fetch. haha :D

you guys should seriously try this out. it's fun. the second result even shows famous people of the same personality type. it's all psychology-backed and stuff. my mom's prof in grad school told her to take it as an assignment. :D

oh if you do take the test, leave a comment here with a link to your second result. the type relationships part will show us what kind of relationship our types have (derr). will you be a pal or an advisor or a grrr... counterpart! :D