Friday, May 6, 2005

yet another schizo post

Subtitled: I can go from good to bad and happy to sad faster than you can say your grandma's boobies sag.

I was cooking dinner kanina. Seriously, I was. While I was marinating (the chicken, that is), I was listening to this really awesome soundtrack that made me wanna... err... should i admit it? dance. yes, you heard me. i danced. technically, i was alone and no one could see me. i finally understood why diego luna looked so funny in dirty dancing 2 when he was dancing in the streets. never mind how it looks, it feels excellent.

i've danced before but never from the heart. this felt good like i still had a heart. when i used to dance, it was always for comedic or other purposes. never an expression of how i felt. which is peculiar since that's what dance is supposed to be, right.

there's an old quote that i like that goes "you gotta sing like no one's listening, dance like no one's watching, love like it's never gonna hurt and live like it's heaven on earth" i think that's how it went. i could be wrong.

anyways, the soundtrack sounds like a bossa nova/samba/jazz hybrid. surely, nothing new. the marriage is even older than r&b and pop's marriage. but this was different. this was me dancing on the 21st floor and not caring anymore. maybe i just suffered a nervous breakdown.

The movie itself was a marvel. Sort of inspired and stuff. But the soundtrack, oh my. all the songs work together to achieve harmony. the first few tracks are so danceable yet classy. it slowly brings you down until you're practically in tears. when the last song played, i was all danced out yet my mood was so revitalized. i didn't want to dance anymore. i just wanted to weep. maybe that's why i'm such a schizo today.

the definition of schizophrenic is confusing. some people use it to refer to a person with more than one identity/personality at different times. some refer to it as a seclusion of one's self. a withdrawal from civilization. i dunno which one's correct. all i know is that this soundtrack totally rocks and the minute i get the chance to, i'm gonna rip it, burn it, and dance to it. every opportunity i get (privately and secretly of course)

on an unrelated topic, i saw two natasha bedingfield videos in channel v (cable rocks. i hope the lim household can get with the program and subscribe too) this morning for the first time. the fact that it isn't played often in mtv is a crying shame. unwritten and i bruise easily are absolute gems.

see you tomorrow. ciao bello/a.

postscript i just realized i haven't even said the title. if u cant read the album cover (not sure about the quality), the movie/awesome soundtrack is called Next Stop Wonderland. The picture is hotlinked and linked to the original owner. :D

PPS does anybody know the difference between bossa nova and samba? just something to think about. wicky says its got something to do with the beat but i seriously can't tell the difference. :D