Wednesday, May 11, 2005

what a shitty day

What a sucky day today is. I was all psyched up for my test in UP so I can finally transfer but when I got there, my name wasn't on the stupid list. I wanted to die right then and there of humiliation and regret, disappointment and the full range of emotions that I felt. I was speechless. I haven't been this disoriented since I got held up in Quiapo.

So you'd think I'd learn my lesson by now. I didn't want to go home. I just wanted to wander around so we went to SM North. We (Carlo and I) waited for the mall to open and I gulped down my McDonald's usual which is something I hadn't eaten in easily a year. Cheeseburger, large fries, and a huge-ass Sprite with no ice. I didn't care about calories or my body fat percentage anymore. I had to eat away my feelings.

So we sat there waiting for the mall to open and at the same time, this guy who was selling CDs for Argee. He didn't have his (RG's) order but what he did have was a shitload of CDs inside his bag. I asked him how he got those past security and he said they didn't ask. Oh well.

When the mall opened, I didn't know what to do. We wandered around aimlessly for about an hour before we crashed into Tower Records. They were playing this really cool song by Hale called Here Tonight which is really nifty. I looked around and there were all these CDs that I wanted to buy. It was obvious. We had to go back. Go back where? Quiapo!

Officially, this isn't my first time back. I went back a couple of weeks ago when I got my grades for my UP application. I bought so much stuff!

1. American Pie Trilogy – in one disc! Isn't that cool? There aren't any special features and the quality of the movie is a notch higher than VCD but hey, it's all three movies in one DVD! I watched some parts of it and I didn't know my favorite comedienne, Jennifer Coolidge was Stifler's mom. I so love her. She's so funny in Joey.

2. Garbage's Bleed Like Me – The reason why I went there. I love Garbage soooooo much. Beautiful Garbage is a complete sell-out but by far my favorite album. You can just listen to it from beginning to end and not be bored or anything. I've heard great reviews for Bleed Like Me but I'm yet to see if it's any good.

3. Nina Live! – By far the worst in quality so far. They cut out one of the tracks and my favorite song (the reason why I bought the darned album) was skippy. Anything For You is ruined, officially. I know, it's really cheesy and I'll probably kick myself in the head for liking this song (while listening to Gloria Estefan's version, of course) but I'm really disappointed that the song wasn't in tip-top shape. Maybe I should just buy an original copy. Wow, PNF the piracy advocate wants to buy a local artist. Ha ha… hey, I bought all three MYMP CDs in original format!

4. A Mix MP3 CD of female artists – which I bought because it had Under Rug Swept Japanese Version. I think Alanis has an obsession with Japan almost as much as Gwen does. She included a couple of tracks from Feast on Scraps aka Under Rug Swept deleted tracks. It won't open on this laptop though. But I was playing it on the DVD player and it was working fine. Other artists in the CD are Shakira, Vanessa Carlton, Leanne Rimes, Atomic Kitten, Macy Gray, Kylie Minogue, Toni Braxton, Christina Millian, and (surprising because he isn't female!) Jermaine Dupri.

5. Hale – I'm yet to see if it's okay. Like I said, the only songs I heard were Here Tonight and of course Broken Sonnet. Carlo was busting my cap on how I shouldn't buy pirated OPM CDs. Oh well.

This is the PNF guaranteed way of willing away your sorrow. A shopping spree in Quiapo! It worked when I had a nervous breakdown three and a half years ago and it still works now! Screw comparative lit! Maybe His will for me is to study Library Science which is my second choice, you know. Anyways, see you later!