Thursday, May 19, 2005

a walk to remember

It's three measly tracks but I don't really care. I love this soundtrack and I (still secretly) love that movie.

1. I Dare You To Move - Switchfoot
2. Cry - Mandy Moore
3. Someday We'll Know - Mandy Moore, Jonathan Foreman
4. Dancing in The Moonlight - 2001 Remix Toploader (I wonder how different)
5. Learning To Breathe - Switchfoot
6. Only Hope - Mandy Moore
7. It's Gonna Be Love
8. You - Switchfoot
9. If You Believe - Rachael Lampa
10. No One - Cold
11. So What Does It All Mean? - West, Gould & Fitzgerald
12. Mother, We Just Can't Get Enough - New Radicals
13. Cannonball - The Breeders
14. Friday On My Mind - Noogie
15. Empty Spaces - Fuel
16. Only Hope - Switchfoot

I want it. It's cheesy and probably not in my best interest that i've just posted it in my blog. Special Expanded Edition! It's enhanced and everything.

Did I tell you I'm going crazy over Special Editions? While updating my Record Collection Database, I downloaded some tracks to upgrade my CDs like my Diary of Alicia Keys and Under Rug Swept are now Special Japanese Edition and my Aaliyah is now "2004 Edition". I think I'm going nuts. I'M GOING NUCKING FUTS!