Thursday, May 19, 2005

senso roboto restrooms

I’m sure it cuts down on how much water and paper is used which is nice, but sometimes I find myself making all sorts of slow-mo commotion under the tap and nothing comes out. You know what I’m spraying? Sometimes those censors don’t match up. Or I hate it when I’m sitting on an automated toilet and it decides to flush for me before I’m finished. -

Glad to know I'm not the only one who's uncomfortable with these automatic bathrooms. I especially hate the ass-detecting bowls that flush about two to three times before you actually need to. i also hate when you're standing in line for a faucet and when it's finally your turn, the faucet fucks up and won't give you any love. i hate sensors. almost as much as i hate censors. hahaha

his new album comes out july-ish and i can't wait. i absolutely loved waiting for my rocket to come. If you didn't know that was the title, my last sentence probably sounded iffy. I just watched a promotional video for the new one (mr. a-z) and i can't wait! i can't! hahaha... it's so incredibly pop-ish but still too smart to be ignored. :D

they mentioned rapping in the video and how jason is so good at rapping. of course, you'd think rapping meant eminem rapping (white boy) meaning a lot of words over little tune but after watching him perform this so-called rap, i realized it was like madonna or jewel rapping (white girls) meaning a lot of words on a substantial tune. bottomline: he sings fast. i'd like to see mayer do THAT.

incidentally, i checked out his (mayer) site. look at the international albums section. it says there there is a philippine special edition release for room for squares but i've never seen it before. has anyone here seen it?