Thursday, May 12, 2005

Quiapi Update

Subtitled: No, it's not a typo.

i'm too lazy to edit my cd post from yesterday so i decided to make a new one. here's an update on those discs: i went back to Quiapi (my nick for that place. doesn't conceal much, does it?) this morning. I didn't plan to but mom was going to manila hotel and it was on the way and everything. i didn't go to work. :D

i had nina live and the mp3 disc replaced. i also bought keane (because my 'hopes and fears' disc with the cool demos got lost!) and the mojofly EP. argee's right. the new mojofly CD is not coming. it's weird though how they were promoting the album on MTV if they weren't releasing it. anyways, i think this is the EP that they send to radio stations. it's got 6 tracks.

MY LAST PURCHASE (ha ha) reminds me of that time when i was still living in las pinas and i went to jaka plaza to score some pirated discs. i was supposed to buy this nine days disc but i opted to buy the pearl harbor soundtrack because it was *so rare*. when i went back for the nine days disc, it wasn't there anymore while the millions of pearl harbor soundtracks haunted me, taunting my ignorance. ha ha... i felt so annoyed. i must've gone back a trillion times but they weren't there anymore.

now that i think about it, i'm staring at the cover of the nine days disc and i guess i was mistaken as a child. this looks nothing like the disc i saw. maybe the printing was discolored but it sure looks different. maybe i was stressing all those years (yes, i was kicking myself in the head for a LONG time) for nothing. ha ha... anyways, i've got it now and i absolutely love absolutely (story of a girl) and if i am. got so many cds. i can't decide what to listen to.

roll call (in no particular order, i'm too much of an idiot to remember!)
1. Joss Stone - Mind, Body, and Soul (RG's order, can't rip it. stupid copy control! :c)
2. Hale
3. Garbage - Bleed Like Me
4. Female Collection MP3
5. Nina Live!
6. Mariah Carey - Emancipation Of Mimi Digipak Limited Edition (RG's order, ripped it :D)

*question, does digipak limited edition mean that they will release it again in a sturdier case? damn, i should've waited. i don't really need the stupid poster with the lyrics printed at the back. gimme my damn booklet! at least rg paid for it! hey, what are friends for? :D*

7. Nine Days - The Madding Crowd
8. Mojofly - Now EP
9. Keane - Hopes and Fears (my 4th copy!)
:: 1) poor quality
:: 2) no bonus tracks
:: 3) got lost
:: 4) yay!
:: 5) going for #5 (special edition although my first copy has
allamande (?))
10. American Pie Trilogy

Whoa, big spender. ha ha ha... :D

RG! if you're reading this, you can finally get your order! :D I tried to make tawad last night but he swore he'd hand it to me asap ergo, me rushing out to SM north to meet him. ha ha ha. :D