Wednesday, May 4, 2005

luke jickain's ninners are huge.

Subtitled: Hotlinking is both fun and dangerous.

what's that you say? what are 'ninners'? (pronounced neeners like when you're pissing your sister off) hahaha, they're a euphemism for nipple which i will only say once in this post, for obvious reasons. why do people use euphemisms anyway. shoot me, i'm filipino. don't we have a euphemism for everything?

anyways, there's a billboard for bench that i'm not sure if y'all have seen. it's rica peralejo with her hand on her hip being kissed by two scantily-clad men. (haha funny sidebar-esque story. carlo thought it was a lesbian billboard. i asked argee who the santily-clad men were and carlo said they were women, lesbos to be exact.) there's a huge version of this billboard along edsa near sm north (near ags where i work!)

i just found out that one of the guys is luke jickain. i saw a different version of the billboard where rica and phoemela (not sure) were kissing him instead of him and this other (unnamed) dude were kissing rica. hahaha, so that's why she had her arm on her hip. to cover luke's huge ninners.

"who's luke jickain?", you might ask. he's this model with really huge ninners (as the title suggests). how, you ask, do i know this? there was this poster from bench body that i saw in the mall and i found it hotlinked on a friend's blog from PMAP. hahaha, i hotlinked it too. his ninners were/are so huge. i'm telling you, they are the size of his eyeballs. EYEBALLS! understatement? i'll tell you what's an understatement. this post's title. luke's ninners are f-ing huge!

hahaha, anyways, the new summer poster i saw in bench i figured wasn't made into a billboard because luke's ninners were so distracting. the photographer must've known. why else would he cover the huge ninners? please tell me you've seen this. how many times am i going to have to say luke's ninners before you pay attention?!

why, pray tell am i blogging about luke jickain's nipples. no, i do not like him that way although i don't think me talking about a dude's nipples to such extents is helping me change your mind about my sexual preference one bit.

there's a moral to this post. hahaha, i used to be really ashamed of my ninners. back when i was fat (my mother says i was overweight), my ninners used to terrify me. they'd find their way to *ahem* breathe through my shirt. okay, i admit, i was felix bakat for the better part of my high school years. i've tried layering clothes, band-aids, masking tape (actually all sorts of tape, except electrical and double-sided. that's just stupid) but nothing really worked. it wasn't until i lost weight and the fat from my manboobs drained that i got this irk out.

so the fact that somewhere out there, there is someone who will always have huger (?) ninners than mine makes me sleep better at night. i mean, i may not always have the best ninners but at least they aren't the size of idaho potatoes. on days like today when i don't exercise as often as i should and i eat japanese food like a total hog with my mom, it makes me feel a bit better if ever my ninners should ever decide to pop out and join the party. anyways, just thought it beared mentioning. so there, thanks to luke jickain's huge ninners, i gained a little more self-esteem with my ninners.

i would've talked about this guy i saw in the summer episode of F! but i really don't know him. he had really huge, dark, ugly ninners. it was such a shame that of all the people in boracay, F! had to choose him to play guy-angel's-flirting-with for their flirting 101 sketch. isn't there supposedly an oversupply of bronze, ruggedly handsome, metrosexual, musclemen in boracay? why choose mr. dark-and-ugly-ninners here?

should i have called them sketches? maybe they're segments. oh crap.

hahaha... i'm straight, okay. hahaha, just thought you might be wondering right about now. I suppose this post is reaaaaly not helping now.

totally unrelated postscript: click here to see my first pusit customer's interesting post about being held-up.

wasn't i just saying that trains are last safe form of public transpo? i mean, ymon lost his phone on a trike. i lost mine on a jeep. countless people have lost their phones on FXs and taxis. now we have to worry about our good 'ol M/LRT?!