Friday, May 20, 2005

look, i know what i said yesterday, err this morning about how i couldn't really care less how the chickens in KFC are klled and how all I care about is how the chicken tastes. i was wrong. so wrong.

i'm not really a vegetarian. i wish i had the discipline to but i don't so I can't really go veg. i used to think it didn't really matter how the chickens are killed in KFC as long as the food's good.
a friend of mine was laughing at the campaign poster for that he saw daw in edsa. i was bored last night after my darna post poofed away so i just went there to see what it was.

i didn't pay it much mind. in fact, i didn't even look at the videos since downloading them would be killer for a dial-up. But with the office LAN, i decided to have a go-see.

KFC is so horrible. They torture the chickens. Most of them are fully conscious when they are scalded with boiling water in a defeathering process. the debeaking process (the chicken's beaks are removed while they are young) is so inhumane and so horrible that someof the chickens even die from the pain. hidden cameras revealed underpayed staff in the slaughter houses mishandle the poor birds. they are also kept in unsanitary pens with ten thousand other chickens, most of them never even seeing the light of day. to quote the video, they are treated like meat machines, not animals.

chickens are as smart as cats and dogs. we had a pair of chicks once and they were really smart. them dying and ending up as tinola (or was it adobo) was really horrible. at least they died quickly. the KFC chickens are stomped, bashed on walls, amidst their cries for help which you can hear from the video.

it's sad. i don't know if KFC philippines uses these chickens. i once heard they get it from the US at roughly P9 a piece but that was somehow unjustifying the price, not really the standard of living these chickens had.

if you want further information, click here. i'm not a vegetarian. i don't really mind fur coats but these chickens suffering before they die is just really horrible. eating KFC will never be the same again, to think it's my favorite restaurant. not sure if i'm to boycott. time will tell. i heard they (PETA) are making progress with the case and the people in KFC are ensuring the chicken's welfare.

oh, a tip. don't watch the old version of the kentuckyfriedcruelty video with the old lady. her voice is very distracting. the pamela anderson version is nicer and more *ahem* entertaining.
i'm still so horrified from the videos. i can't believe it. those chickens deserve better. *sigh*