Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ex home of "Darna: My Two Cents" post

Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh! I wrote this really long post about Darna and all its flaws and I was being bitchy but not so much. As I was copy-pasting it to Friendster, it magically disappeared. Maybe it's a sign that I shouldn't be so biatchy.

Aaargh! I injected humor. I had sub-headers in Bold Letters like they do in the papers. *sigh*

This picture is all that's left of the post. I photoshopped it, proof that this post was really a big deal for me. I wouldn't photoshop and upload a picture if the post wasn't worth shite. Isn't it deck how it looks like she's hitting her old self. I love me in that hat. Sure covers my bad hair. :D

I wanted to get it (Darna idiosyncrasies) off my chest but now it's even left the computer. *sigh*

I feel exhasuted and sleepy. I was up all night writing that post. I started off lightly but after a while I was reaaally getting into it. The post says I started typing at 11:25 and now it's 1:11. Gawsh... Oh well, maybe now's not the time to bitch about Darna.

Unrelated Postscript: As if seeing me in that Darna outfit wasn't enough, check this out. My friend saw a bi llboard in EDSA about KFC. There's a ton of info online that you might want to check out. it's vaguely intersting. the chickens suffered before they died and were cooked. anyhoo, i don't really care. i <3>Carniverous Vegetarian!