Tuesday, May 17, 2005


D.E.A.D stands for drugs end all dreams. i saw it on a street sign on my way home one day. but today, i learned a different lesson. drugs don't end all dreams, bad grades do.

i guess it was my own fault. if i had studied harder, if i hadn't cut that class, if i had submitted that requirement, maybe i wouldn't find myself in this situation.

so i guess it's obvious. i'm going back to UST. back to my mediocre life and my mediocre studies and back to fugly hair thanks to father roy.

tom won survivor. any other day and i would've been pissed but as i was watching yesterday, i guess it was a smart move. taking ian would be like big kim taking ethan to the final two. you don't bring the good boy there, even though ian did slip a little here and there, at least he was a good boy. ha ha... he gave up a million dollars to get his dignity back. does he get to keep the car?

the only time i liked katie was when the jury was grilling her. i was amused at how she fluently she used emotional blackmail. plus the fact that she didn't lie to them face to face. she wasn't orocan about her dealings. she was all like "janu, i dont wanna answer your question bec. i don't expect your vote anyway.". i was laughing, this time with her. janu was all cool about it and even said tom had her vote whether ot not katie answered the question.

usually when you get to final two, you can expect a LOT of plasticity. (eg lillian) at least katie was honest. colby was right, tom is stuck up prude who thinks he's honest even though he's just as dirty as the rest of them. at least he walked away with a fresh perspective and a lifelong friend in janu. isnt it sweet how he named his stepdaughter after her?

so depressed right now. called her house and she wasn't there. talked to her mother for a good twenty minutes. missed the recap of survivor even. at least i found out something nice. when her mom told her i called, she smiled. smiled. smiled.

brighten up.