Saturday, May 28, 2005

cheesiest song and video ever

Okay, i almost didn't want to do this since I know a lot of people who love this band. but i'm about to do something new. i'm giving out an award. the award for "song with the most cliches" goes to: SIMPLE PLAN's Untitled. It's so cheesy, they didn't even think of a decent title. Incidentally, the video also takes home the "video with most cliches" award. ladies and gentlemen, SIMPLE PLAN!

This has got to be the most overrated and unoriginal song and video ever! it's like ever line and ever scene is a copy of something else! Just to prove how utterly unoriginal this song is, i am preparing a cross reference of almost all lines and how it has appeared everywhere: Be afraid, be very afraid.

I open my eyes
too many! from gospel to r&b, this line is easy!
I try to see but I’m blinded by the white light
"Blinded by the light" is a bruce springsteen and manfred mann song
I can’t remember how
100 demons, heather eatman, john mayer... this line is really cheesy
I can’t remember why
same goes here. phil collins, bob dylan, failure. ugh...
I’m lying here tonight
chris deburgh, steve conn, ducky boys
And I can’t stand the pain
faith hill, queensryche, la bouche
And I can’t make it go away
stabbing westward, dixie chicks, seether, head bangs,
No I can’t stand the pain
still faith hill, queensryche, la bouche
How could this happen to me
snow, plate-o-shrimp, jivestone
I made my mistakes
especially popular among the southerns (dolly parton, alabama) and the not so southern: pulse ultra
I’ve got no where to run
harper roy, night shift, 20 lyrics, bloom, saxon
The night goes on
"The night goes on" is a kenny rogers song. also appears in songs by rick astley and the cure
As I’m fading away
ugh, do i really need to elaborate? james taylor, circle of grief, ugh even a1!
I’m sick of this life
another regular in people's vocabs. rocket summer, witty life, etc
I just wanna scream
screaming names is old. dixie chicks, maroon 5, syleena johnson
How could this happen to me
gets old REALLY fast
Everybody’s screaming
wow, googling is tiring. their lyrics show up in anime songs all the time and we all know those songs are generic as hell. chic, new order
I try to make a sound but no one hears me
making sounds and no one hearing is OLD OLD OLD! korn, weezer, avril, joe jackson
I’m slipping off the edge
awkwardsville, pete shelley, park
I’m hanging by a thread
ugh, a fave song by nickelcreek! jann arden, mike and the mechanics
I wanna start this over again
does 'the scientist' ring any bells? leo sayer, cliff richard, diamond rio
So I try to hold onto a time when nothing mattered
haha, backstreet boys, hard headed, hints of sum 41
And I can’t explain what happened
brad paisley, my chemical romance, como fue
And I can’t erase the things that I’ve done
no mercy, jonathan seet
No I can’t
haha rolling stone, vitamin c, britney spears
How could this happen to me
ugh, *puke*

there, i'm not saying that all songs should be original but when all the lines to the song can be traced to a different song, you know it's not original. my first impression was wait a minute, these lines are REALLY familiar. and everyone's blogs are all raving about how original and heartfelt this song is. oh puhleeze.

for the video, all i can give you are these pictures:

there's rain, obviously. to somehow add the effect of sorrow. this is pathetic. i thought they'd stop when "perfect" hit the airwaves. what's up with the hair?!

why does this picture look soooo familiar? hmm... lemme see here...

oh yeah! remember ME? hahaha wow, britney fan, i see. :D this looks just like one of the shots in the everytime video!

i dont know how many SP fans i just ticked off. hey, if u really want to contradict me, get your own blog! hahaha :D