Thursday, May 26, 2005

american idol (not so) fearless (anymore) predictions

Here's a post that I scribbled down last night. I thought I published it but it somehow ended up in my drafts. Here it is anyway:

Subtitled: is country music making a comeback?

She's from Oklahoma. He's from Alabama. Go figure. Hemmingways, I found myself horrified that I wasn't watching the finale earlier this evening. I didn't see the first part because I was too busy blogging. People here heard a very audible *gasp!*. LOUD running footsteps around the house followed and a cry of agony by yours truly: WHY?! How could i forget!? Without further a due:
American Idol Fearless Predictions

Who should win: VONZELL! ha ha joke! Bo Bice! He's talented enough and I stand by my word that if either he or Carrie were to stand up against Fantasia, they'd win. Plus, for lack of a better reason, it's time we see a white male win Idol. It seems like all the stereotypes have been filled.

Who will win: Carrie Underwood! She's a shitload cooler than Bo. Plus, there's only so much marketing can do for Bo. Carrie's career will attract more idiotic Americans willing to buy her stuff. Aside from the Lynard crowd, Bo won't really hit it big elsewhere. Plus, she's blonde and attractive. Props for ogling points.


Fast forward to this morning. I'm too heartbroken to go to work. (I'm still in my boxers!) and I turn on the boob tube and find *gasp!* Philippine live coverage of the Finale. Suffice to say, Carrie won. I knew she would. She's so cool. You can really feel her emotions when she sings and I think that's a sign that she's got heart. :D I wasn't really sure if I wanted her to win but when she did, I sorta yipeed in glee. Maybe the white male will finally win next year. Nah, maybe not.

In unrelated music news, the Spice Girls are having a reunion! Cool! Ha ha... About time they wised up and figured out how to get more moolahhhh! *Guffaw* I sound like a complete idiot.