Friday, April 29, 2005

what a sucky night

subtitled: to think i promised myself i would stop at blog post#5.

i hate my life. aaargh! what a night. i was just talking to argee on the phone when i remembered i had to call juliana so she can get her cds and i can get my money from her. i was supposed to do all that tomorrow. s/he couldn't make it tomorrow, i found out after i called her/him and i couldn't put the phone down because s/he was so talkative. anyways, the pizza we ordered finally came but that fucking branch in visayas (don't ever order there) was so incompetent that they totally messed up our order. i couldn't put the phone down because juliana was still there and i didn't want to lose another customer so i just had the maid deal with it.

now jenny's mad at me because "i didn't handle things". what a bummer. she ate the corona chicken salsa (that we both agreed to eat the minute she got out of the hospital) without me. when i told her norah jones's concert was on tv, she just looked at me nastily. i asked if she was mad at me. she didn't respond. pepper just arrived at that point and she made such a huge show of saying "you're just in time for pizza!!!" in a pathetically fake happy voice. this is the same sister who she totally slammed a couple of days ago for losing her ID in the hospital (while she was running a personal favor for JENNY). this is so unfair. i mean, i'm not even hungry but to be deprived of food for some crime that just seems so pathetic. why is she even mad? aaaaargh! it's not the pizza i mind about. it's that she's mad at me. the celebratory dinner is tomorrow. how can i go if she's mad at me?!?!

i can't even go to galleria tomorrow because i have to stand by for jenny's BIG CELEBRATORY DINNER. just because i lost my phone and can't meet up. plus it'll look bad if i don't ride with them. it'll look like i just forced myself or something.

i wanna delete her picture from my blog layout but the task is so tedious... i forgot to save the original file in photoshop so i'd have to redo it all over again (wait that was redundant.) yes, that girl is my sister.

AAAAAAAAAARGH! Somebody hit me in the head with a cleaver now! NOW!

on a lighter note, my batchmate TJ Ramos is, apparently, a TV star now in this totally gay show called "Qpids". the same TJ who totally acted like a jerk in high school is now a goody two shoed prince charming. hahaha goes to show how fake tv is. i mean the guy was an asshole, at least i remembered him to be. i mean there weren't a lot of people who were nice to me in high school. hahaha a fucking tv star. good luck man.

i know this isn't blogger's idea but i wanted to do so anyway:

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