Friday, April 29, 2005

summer upsides

you know the feeling of freshly ironed clothes? i mean, when you pick out an outfit fresh from the laundry and it's all wrinkly and you have your maid iron it out, isn't it great when you finally put on that shirt or those hip-hugging jeans and just feel the warmth emanating from the fabric? well, imagine that for at least 12 hours a day. your sheets, the sofa, the curtains, touch them and they all feel like they've been freshly ironed. wow. summer is SOOOOO cool.

post script. it's a shame sarcasm doesn't show evidently online. i hope y'all got what i was saying. :D

anyways, we're going out to dinner in a while. jenny took her oath today as a bonafide lawyer. you know what's weird. people who pronounce bonafide as bonafaydee... hmmm...

here's a cool game we can all play. post a comment to this post on other summer upsides y'all can think of. it can be sarcastic, stupid, whatever just think of something that summer is good for. :D


PS. didj'all know this is my FOURTH post today? goes to show how much i love you guys! assuming people read this post.

PPS. to HER who i know frequents my blog on saturdays.. :D check out the one i wrote yesterday. the jason mraz song. :D *ahem ahem*

PPS. doesn't PS mean post script? why do i have postscript above and three below? crazy...