Friday, April 29, 2005

She's Gone!!!

Subtitled: Desen't she totally look like KC Concepcion?

She's gone! My little Stephenie LaGrossa (not kidding, that's her real name. must've been an awful childhood) is GONE!!! Oh gawsh, she finally hit it. :( I hate Kuror now. Go and be a happy family nd whatnot. Aaaargh!

Caryn and Katie are such bitches. They should've voted Tom out. I will be REALLY upset if Tom wins. He's too STRONG both physically and mentally and by the time these bozos figure it out, it'll be too late. Wham bam, here's a gazillion dollars in cold hard cash and commercial endorsements!

Aaargh! I wanted so much for Steph here to win. I mean, isn't it obvious that she's sole survivor material? I mean for Pete's sake! How many times have you seen a tribe trickle down to 1 member. ONE! and those stupid Kuror a-holes had to give her the boot. What a sad day it is. (Ewww... someone sounds like a fan.)

I really hate Katie so much. I mean, the fact that she was picking on bulimic Janu and stuff (check out this cool article about her here). It was just, so mean. Hahaha, can relate ba? She's such a skeez. Can somebody tell her that she's NOT funny so that we can just get this over with! I loved it when Janu said she's "little ms. saturday night live". yeah, maybe in the early nineties when it wasn't funny.

Okay, this is turning into an obsession. It's kind of like the time I was addicted to soaps. Sunset Beach, anyone? Anyways, she was bound to leave some time. I'm just kinda glad she was all poised and happy about it. :D

One last hope, though. I really hope Ian wins. IAN! GO IAN! Hahaha... he needs money to cure cancer and save dolphins and all that shit. You should totally not mind this picture. He looks so f-ing faggy here. He actually looks like a really thin and (according to Probst) smelly quasi-Robert Downey Jr.

PS. I totally hotlinked these photos. I hope the owners don't mind! Sorry! :D I linked these pictures back to your site though. Thanks a bunch! :D