Saturday, April 30, 2005

see titles below.

A list of possible entry titles:
1. Life with a lawyer. Not as fun as it sounds.
2. Celebratory Dinner Gets Cancelled pt 2 <- sounds like a hip-hop song
3. Yestin Zaki is welcomed into the Christian World! (I promise there will be pictures of him on the next post!)
4. Toby is probably mad we didn't tell him about Galleria.
5. Check out my vintage picture! I look so f-ing innocent! (Yes, the pugnosedfreakazoid was once a child, too)
6. Tom Taus: circa late eighties
Subtitled: I am the worst liar in the whole world.

Now you have to understand, a lot of details in this entry had to be edited out. When a name change occurs, it'll be denoted with a different color. Aight? Everybody neat and pretty? Then let's get on with the show!

My day started out okay. Mostly boring. Woke up and I had to ask for money from mom so that I could go to Sheila's thing. I can't believe I have a godson now. I'm a godfather. Ha ha ha... I don't look like Al Pacino, though. *sigh*

Wait, was Al Pacino in The Godfather in the first place? I'm confused.

Anyways, I got a little lost going to the church. Mark gave me these instructions that I wrote down on a sheet of paper. I am absolutely terrified of getting lost. Needless to say, I got a little lost. When the paper read "UCPB baba", I saw RCBC and yelled for the driver to stop. Realizing of course that I was an idiot, I got on the next jeep bound for sanity.

At least I made it to the ceremony. I was a bit scared of William, the baby's dad. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to talk to him or not. I'm so f-ing afraid of this post and that I'll say something that I'm not supposed to. Oh, before I forget, I have to edit last night's post, too.

The priest kept calling him "Christine" and refering to him as "her". It was annoying. When we got the souveniers, we finally understood. It said "Yestin Zaki's Christening" so maybe he just mispronounced. Hey! It was funny a while ago!

Anyways, ate like a glutton in Kamayan. Mark and our other friends enjoyed each other's company. Who knew Lea's co-workers were so much fun? I mean, I've seen them around, sure, but they were so funny. I'm not talking about tee-hee funny but this was laughing-out-loud-swaying-back-and-forth laughing. How many formal social events can you possibly say "basang basa na bibingka ko" ("my bibingka's all wet now" with matching sad face) and everyone laughs along and no one's prudish and stuff. Mark's look-alike was there, too but he was busy being quiet to join in on the fun.

I got home and fell kerplunk on my bed. I managed to get dressed a little and fell kerplunk in mom's bed this time. The TV was on as I tried to sleep. The celebratory dinner was in a couple of hours and I had some sleeping to catch up to.

I woke up at around 6. By then, my shirt was soaked through and through in the impyernoness of the room. Lollers said Argee called. We were supposed to meet up for Galleria later with Rylan, Dyep, Toby, and maybe Maui (Carlo). He wasn't sure if he could afford it. It was a spur of the moment plan that didn't work out. I promised Toby I'd have Argee text him if we were on for this afternoon. Of course, mom's words were still ringing in my head. "Don't go out today! You have to make it to the BIG CELEBRATORY DINNER!" I cancelled everything.

I called Gee up and he said Toby might be mad. Uh oh. How could I tell him that my only reason for going was to deliver Juliana's CDs. That idea was out the window so I really didn't have any other reason to go, unless the guys wanted to see a movie or eat. (But never mind food. The buffet was so... anyways, my bulimic tendencies started in that Kamayan branch.) Also, Argee was a bit wary of going because he knew my troubles and he knew about the BIG CELEBRATORY DINNER!

Back to me waking up at 6. To my absolute horror, the three maids cooked dinner and I wasn't sure what was happening. Why were they cooking? Don't tell me the BCD (I'm tired of writing it down quasi-enthusiastically) is cancelled! Aaaaaahhhh!

Apparently it wasn't and Jenny really minded. Mom brought home some food from her orientation this morning so we had a mountain of lumpia shanghai and pansit. There was also a box of divine brownies that were so yummy. They had walnuts and mushed up raisins so you don't really taste the ickiness of it all.

Jenny comes down and sees all that food. The dinner light was turned on. She gets real mad because the BCD was cancelled. To top it all off, Wicky was on her way to Greenbelt. It was a huge misunderstanding on all parties (except me, of course. That goes without saying. Ha ha ha...) Papa wasn't sure if he was supposed to cook dinner or not so he did anyway. I guess he probably wasn't sure (watch how uncertain my sentence construction is) about everything and he would rather there be too much food than none.

Jenny calls up Wicky and tells her Papa cooked dinner so the BCD was cancelled. It was such a shame since she was on her way there and everything. Mom texts Wicky that she could still swing on over since there was a shitload of food here anyways. I guess Jenny minded since that would make it seem like the BCD was here at home and she had her mind set on treating us all out. Even me.

Anyways, mom went up to try and console her but we heard screaming and doors banging so I guess that was out of the question. On the way down, Mom said Jenny was "damaged" because of all this.

I don't wanna be mean but isn't she being such a baby? I mean, it was an honest mistake and everything. I kept my mouth shut because I know what's good for me (and therefore what isn't). So there, life with a lawyer isn't as fun as it sounds.

Jenny owes me P120. Mental note. I remember she once told me that when she becomes a lawyer, she'd raise my allowance to P500/day. I wonder of that idea's out the window.

Okay, that's all for today. I have to edit my post last night for many reasons that I really don't wanna say.

Someday, when all is revealed, you'd understand why this post is so secretive. Until then, you'll have to feast on scraps. Ha ha... sounds like an Alanis B-side.

Oh gawsh, I just remembered eBay. I sure hope someone outbids me soon. I just see now that I don't have enough money! Aaaah! What an idiot. The world is falling into pieces! :(