Friday, April 29, 2005

here goes post#5 for today

i'm so friggin pissed. i just totally dolled up today because we were supposed to have a "fancy" dinner out in honor of jenny's lawyer-hood. i dressed up at around 4-ish since lollers said it was an early dinner but then it got cancelled. aargh, to think i skipped jogging and all forms of exercise today. i did a couple sit-ups but they weren't as fun as when i actually had all that fat to burn. now i'm just sitting here in front of the computer totally pissed off.

talking to marianne online and i finally told her i feel nothing for her. after a deep realization of who i really love, i made a mental note to tell her. now it's all out in the open. no more awkwardness and shit. here it is verbatim:

her: hehe
me: uy may sasabihin ako sau
me: pero wag ka magagalit/maasar/maiinis
me: promise ha
her: anu?
her: okie
her: promise ka muna
her: hehe
her: promiz
me: hehehe alam mo napagisip isip ako at narealize ko na di na kita mahal
me: hahaha
me: ngaun lang ang tagal ko mag getover ng tao no?
her: hehehe
her: nice


gee, nice. i wonder how i ought to react. hahaha :D