Wednesday, January 12, 2005

winners never quit. i quit. why do i feel like i won?

i finally quit EJ. i feel absolutely wonderful.

last night, i stayed up reviewing for a preliminary exam (midterm) and i think i just aced it. the test is good for an hour and a half but i finished it in 10 minutes. i wasn't careless though. i reviewed my answer, never mind that someone else finished ahead of me.

vangie and i talked last night and i'm glad she understands me and my decision. part of me really misses EJ but i know i have to leave if i want them to see that there is a problem with the system - a political system that chooses people not by their capability but by their personal relationships and longevity inside the office.

i seriously need to study for the test later. this morning was excel lecture. this afternoon, i've got excel lab.

mental note to self: call sir robbie of publishing house to delete my copyrighted layout. i'm actually excited to take the test this afternoon. i've practically memorized the program...