Friday, November 5, 2004


she's not pregnant and i'm glad. i thought she was pregnant.

i don't know why i'm the least bit affected. it's not like i fathered that fictitious child. she could've had it aborted. was she lying when she said it was a false alarm. did she?

what is abortion anyway? is it for convenience? is it necessary if you're not ready to have kids? since when is it possible to be ready for sex but not ready for children. you fuck to have kids. you don't fuck for pleasure. its like the pleasure you get is the by product but what you're really doing is making a child. you don't fornicate to get pleasure. your baby is not a by-product. i hate myself for thinking this way. i know it's so not cool. i hate myself because i know i'm not really in any position to be saying this. those close to me know why i shouldn't say anything.

till next time.