Wednesday, November 10, 2004

not enough vitamins.

i swear. there's not enough vitamins in the world to convince my father that i am not about to die any minute now. sure, i've got a massive case of tonsillitis and my voice is barely recognizable. add the fact that i've got the sniffles and feel horrible in the morning. but i'm in no grave danger. it's scary. i was about to leave when he asked me if i ate breakfast. i had no time so i didn't and so i told him that. he asked if i took my vitamins and i didn't respond. i just took off my shoes-ies and got a glass of water. i took a large centrum thinking that he'd be satisfied. (centrum complete!) but it wasn't enough. he made me drink a whole assortment of other drugs, among them 1000 grams (or was it mg) of Vitamin C. but the thing is, i've heard it was dangerous to take above 500! i used to take 250 a day. at the back of centrum, it said it already had vitamin c. so right now, in this moment, i've got 1060 grams of vitamin C flowing in my veins. scary. i could die now.

it's 7 am and i want to congratulate... me! for getting to school almost on time. :D