Monday, October 11, 2004

rainy days and mondays

i'm not usually the type who gets depressed by mondays. i started out smoothly by going to city hall and fulfilling my civic duty as a citizen (naks) but after seeing the mayor (SB!) in all his grouchiness, i sorta lost touch with the human world. i went home and pigged out. i haven't exercised in three days! to top it all off, monday is cake day sale in basic cakes... 50% OFF!!! YUMMY!!!!! i bought a whole toblerone cake and a whee carrot cake. i feel so guilty!!!

kuya mark accepted my invitation in friendster. we're not really close. more like cell(group) mates or church mates but i really hope we can be friends. he's nice and kinda looks like breckin meyer (that guy from garfield)

his folks, the quisquirins (not to be confused with kisspirin of yakapsule fame) were there (sagip K) and it was fun to see so many people united for a cause. we also saw politics at its worst. mayor belmonte was oh so grouchy but when the other mayor dude from british columbia came over, he was all smiles and so supportive of "these poor women"! oh well, that's politics for you

i was going to blog about the network war (7&2) but i lost my thought. i'm just so busy updating my website that i don't think i can resume with my normal life until i finish it.

oh well, back to the drawing board. :D