Thursday, October 14, 2004


sleep all day

hi! i updated my website and there's the link. wow. i feel so contented. like a huge weight has just been lifted off my shoulders.

so this morning, i went running again. i got there at about 6:15 --15 minutes later than i did yesterday.

on my way to the inner circle, i came across a group of screaming faggots. i could hear them saying something about a person in a black jacket. i looked around and i was the only one wearing a jacket (although mine was dark blue). at first i didn't pay it any mind but when they said red shorts (claret PE) i knew they were talking about me. they weren't talking BS or anything. more of... how do i put this... i heard one of them saying "kahit san ka tatakbo, hahabulin kita!" and "papahirin ko pawis mo!". i was so creeped out that i had an early jumpstart at running.

i'm not homophobic or anything but there's something about these kinds of encounters that gives me the creeps. isn't it enough that society accepts "your" kind? do I have to accept it?

so back to the running. the aerodance group was there again and the closet dancers were all there too. what was funny was that the same people in the same places were there. the old guy with the purple bag was there behind the bushes near the food plaza. it was so amusing. there was a couple that i especially liked. yesterday, i noticed a fat lady dancing along and her husband, looking EXTREMELY bored was just sitting there. i thought maybe it was a one time thing but when i got there they were also there in the exact same place. the hubby was still on the bench looking EXTREMELY bored with the morning paper.

while running, i overtook a guy in a white sando, blue jogging pants and last season's "foxy" highlights. soon after, i noticed he wasn't jogging anymore. i thought maybe it was because i overtook him and perhaps he felt bad (?) he sat on a bench and stared at a distance. when i would pass by, he would look at me and i got scared. maybe he was mad! i seriously got scared. after a while, i noticed he wasn't looking at the other joggers so around my fourth lap, i decided to do one more and then stop for refreshments. when i passed his bench, he wasn't there anymore. i saw him again on the spot where the runners usually start and he was walking really slow towards my direction. i got so scared that i started thinking "would people run to my aid if i screamed my lungs out?". (i could hear him. he was psssst-ing me. just like what happened yesterday. he was psssts-ing me! i don't know what psssst means. )just when i thought collision was inevitable, i reached the food plaza and was able to cool down properly.

so i went to the outer circle to drink my cup of juice and i sat down on one of the more quiet parts of the park. i was going to sit down on me and carlo's usual bench but some idiot left a dalandan there and these fruitflies were feasting on it. uber gross! i was going to sit down on another bench but i noticed an old guy wearing a muscle shirt was going to sit down. but when he noticed i was walking in the same direction, he backed off. while backing off though, he pssssted me. what the hell does psssst mean!?!?!?! i mean, i'm pretty sure i'm not just hearing things. i saw his mouth as he psssted me. (it was dry and old.) i sat down, took off my jacket and cooled down. he stood in my peripheral vision for a good five minutes. i wasn't sure if he was waiting for me or psssting me. it was creepy! i didn't leave until he did so i was just sitting there with an empty cup waiting for this creepy guy to go away!

so on my last 2 laps, i was feeling a bit creeped out. every person was a suspect for the pssssting. is he going to psst me? is she? on my first of two last laps, the guy with the highlights was there but he couldn't see me. i noticed the same gay posse and as i was jogging i could see one of them calling another one and the guy he called said (in a very loud voice) "ay! pogi nga!" i was so sure it wasn't me since i'm not in any remote way handsome. but when i noticed my fellow joggers, i was a bit confused. there were two old dudes. a dark, fat doctor and a woman with red stretchy pants. so call me crazy but was he calling me?

on my second lap, i wanted to talk to highlights boy to ask him what pssst means. i made a loud sound with my jacket as i unzipped it to see if he would look but he didn't. he probably thought i went home since the food plaza is on the road back. i didn't do anything else. i just did one last lap - walking this time so that i won't be so haggard. two people psssted me today. when i got home, i looked in the mirror to see if i looked any different. i'm a bit chubbier. a bit paler. a bit more rested. was that why?

so to conclude: i look better in the morning. *lol* joke!

so, if anybody knows what pssst means, please tell me. carlo says its probably what customers do to call callboys. or pimps or whatever. so that was it. till next time.