Monday, October 11, 2004

pretty people make me sad.

This is cameron's profile.

Some thoughts: why are some people so gosh darn attractive? why are there people like me who are so gosh darn ugly? why didn't i have a good body or better skin? why? why? why am i so cliche? hahahaha

i guess we'll never know. cameron from myspace is my friend and i'm so jealous because he's so attractive and he attracts all sorts of people. i do not know him personally. i do not know if he changes his underwear or if he humps his dog when he's horny. all i know is i'm proud to be his friend and the social climber in me wants to be associated with pretty people. maybe someday with the right rhinoplasty and psychological reassignment, i can be like cameron. will i care? will i be contented?