Friday, October 8, 2004

on the cutting edge

i cut my own hair!

i was obviously bored and was taking pictures for my next update and i decided to take some "artistic" pictures of me. air-quotes! i don't know if people even read my blog. i guess the exhibitionist in me wants everyone to read it but at some point, people don't. hahaha... alam mo yung nagiinarte? i'm still sad because i ran out of money and couldn't buy the liz phair cd ive been wanting for so long.. über overdue! i'm still learning all this blog-stuff. i could be better at it but i just don't have the patience.

einj: if you're reading this then it means you're here. wahahaha... hello? ano address ng blog mo?
beans: tagal mo nang di naguupdate ha!
gege: lipat ka nadito... abandonahin mo na ung LJ mo. hehehe... yikee... mr clay!
to the chick lady: ingat ka sa province. ü
to my antagonizer: stop it. you're pulling away so don't blame us. kala ko okay na eh... hanggulo talaga ng mungo.. este mundo!