Friday, October 15, 2004

my own private spanish film festival

hi! hehehe... i just got home from running again and i tried aerodancing. it's kinda fun. we danced on the side beside this girl and what looks suspiciously like her lesbian lover. i dunno. it could be a really fat guy but i just figured s/he was her lesbian luuuuuuver...

we're going to the spanish film festival later! i'm still contemplating if i should watch two spanish movies or just one. the first screening is at two. i've been calling argee... trying my gosh darn best to wake him up. note to self: tell argee it starts at two so i don't need to wake him up so early. anyways, it's so nice that i'm going. i'm kinda excited na nga eh.

i watched this movie last night called el crimed del padre amaro (?) in english, the crime of padre amaro (not sure about his name) it stars gael of y tu mama fame. i used to think "what the heck do they see in gael? he's so average. compare him to diego luna, who according to some fansites, is a GOD! hehehe" well, it's an art film-y movie that i rented because i couldn't go to the spanish film festival yesterday. i decided to make my own festival! but the limited resources in our not-so-friendly video store only had a limited supply so i had to rent it. it was mexican though (the film) and it was about this priest who gave in to temptation. it was sort of an eye opener. my favorite line is when the head priest (who's also having an affair) says "we are priests" or something to that effect to sort of tell gael to back off the relationship. but then gael says "we are men, too" and it was funny because the head dude was acting all high and mighty but he was actually in an affair too. there was an angle that the movie did not explore . right before he has a heart attack, the head guy says he's been doing it with a virgin child and (ewww... can i just say... ewww) i figured there was only 1 virgin child there -- a special child who everyone thought was demon possessed. it would explain why he was so ornery at the thought of cathetical lessons for that child. but just when i thought the movie was headed that-a-way, gael's luuuuver died and the movie ended. it was nice but i still don't know how i'm supposed to react. maybe it's because i'm not catholic that's why i sorta kinda medyo liked it (uuuy.... pa safe!). it was sooo against the church. a real eye opener. you guys should see it, too. :D