Wednesday, October 13, 2004

i went jogging... err... running

it's really early. i just came home from jogging and i've just got this glow that i just can't get rid of. maybe it'll be better if i explain what happened.

so i got there and this urgent beat of dance music bombarded me. TENTENENENENEN! TENTENENENENENEN! i thought, hey the circus is in town! hehehe JOKE! the team exercise was there and they were doing all these moves. i wanted to join them since i remember aerodance burned so much when i was in discovery spas. but the urge suddenly died when i realized it was mostly old people (and fatties) who were there. i then contented myself to embarrassing the closet aerodancers. they were the people who aerodanced on the side. i stared at them as i jogged past them to see if they would stop. you know what, they do!

so about half an hour later, i was drinking a glass of mango juice, cooling down and i was walking the outer loop round the corner of the callboys. it was morning so i was sure they weren't there. to my surprise, there were a couple left, drinking their morning coffee. on my way back to the inner loop, i noticed someone was "pssst"ing me. now, i'm usually not the kind who gets psssted a lot. i remember getting pssssted about two or three times when i'm on my way home from school and it's kinda dark na (mga 9?) and i usually paid it no mind. but this time, it was morning so i thought hmmm... i might actually know this person. i was wearing my claret PE shorts so perhaps it was a classmate or a teacher. i looked and i saw this (screaming) faggot. F-AG-G-O-T! he was whispering obsceneties to my horror, of course. i could hear a few "pogi!"s, "anong pangalan mo"s and a few "pwede bang magpakilala?"s here and there. right then and there, i dropped my cup of mango juice that was still half empty (half full if you're an optimist) and ran. i ran! i ran like i was running from the devil. maybe i was.

so on my second go at running and about my tenth lap around quezon city circle, i started to think of what happened and i was kinda gleaming. maybe it was because someone actually noticed me. whether it be a (screaming) faggot, a matrona or anybody for that matter, someone noticed me and for this i'm glad.

pretty people made me sad. i may not be a pretty (handsome) person but at least i get noticed. that makes me, what, average? i mean when it comes to times like this, i realize that not everybody out there is six feet tall, perfect hair, pearly white teeth, chiselled abs... no. people.. real ordinary people are just like you and me with a few fat patches here and there and not so perfect hair and teeth. so there, chalk another one up for self-psychosis.

now, back to the aerodance. here's what happened.

on my first lap: people were dancing to the VERY LOUD MUSIC. i noticed two instructors onstage.

on my second lap: the sole female intsructor started screamin "WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" every thirty seconds or so. mostly right before i pass by the old bench with the "someone <3's someone else" engraved on it.

on my third lap: another male instructor joins them. he's late, i thought to myself. a couple of people started laughing at the female instructor's (for lack of a better word) ligalig.

on my fourth and succeding laps: these same people joined the "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"-fest and it was only a matter of time when i was also woohooing -- in my mind though.

so that was it. i need to go work on my update now.

nyl <3