Monday, October 11, 2004

here i go again

i swear i want... no i need to go jogging tomorrow or else i will die an ugly obese death.

i'm chatting with butch right now and i'm kinda happy. i'm trying to get a hold of myself and not slip into my old ways of chatting alllldaaaayyyyloonggg talking about God knows what.

i just finished editing this story called Life Of Parody. I fell in love with the idea round the time i fell in love with scruffy european movies. it came out horribly, needless to say but i went and posted it on my website anyways. after a couple of months, i finally decided to edit it. it took me no less that two hours to reshuffle and recoordinate the story until it made sense.

there's this guy on my fake myspace account. he keeps sending me messages and it's kind of awkward so i gave him the truth that i wasn't casper and no, i don't wanna be casper. it was a joke that went awry and i told him if he really wants to be friends, he can send me messages in my real account. i wonder if he'll write me back.

oh gawd... i felt something on my neck and i rubbed it off. only after typing did i realize it was this huge ass ant. ewww.... scary...

i'm so fat na! i want to exercise but i'm too lazy. i have to go jogging tomorrow. i want to do sit-ups tonight! wow! this newfound enthusiasm is giving me a headache.

no one's reading my blog... i'm sad. i decided to stop my journal... my food diary. it only made me feel bad about myself.