Friday, October 15, 2004

get a hold of me!

this could get messy. it's about church so if it's not your kind of thing, just go elsewhere.

so cell just ended and here's what happened. at first, things were slow. sis. cecille and mark got here early and i was a bit tense (late!) since i came from greenbelt pa. it was a bit slow because the subject was a bit old na but the merienda time was so much fun. i finally got to talk to kuya mark and it wasn't awkward or anything. i really feel like we connected. finally, i won't be so shy when he greets me in church. it's always been my problem. i'm not quite sure how to react with church folk.

the spanish film festival was fun. i found out it was called pelicula pelikula. i just want to say, RESEARCH THE MOVIES FIRST BEFORE DIVING IN! i had to sit through this movie called ana y los otros (anna and the others) and it was so horrible. just when the movie was sort of looking up, it ended. right there. before the climax, it suddenly ended. it was so funny because i was like "are u sure it's over? maybe we should stick around for the end credits" and they rolled and the movie still ended. it totally sucked.

the next movie was so cute. it was.. wait i totally spaced and forgot. el... el viaje del Carol. (carol's journey) and it was a kiddie flick. it was about this girl who grew up in new york and her mother moved back to madrid (?) with her. it was so weird since she so didn't sound like she was a yankee.

it was okay i guess considering it was only P30 (plus lola paid for one of them) so that means i just watched el viaje and had to sit through an awful and reaaaaaly long trailer.

i bought this cd (isjapeyks) and its got the soundtrack of love actually, confessions of a teenage drama queen, spiderman, and something else. i forgot. it's nice. im listening to it now.

this guy/girl named candlemaker just commented on my blog! thanks! i didn't know people read this! to candelmaker: well, i'm going back on monday. there's supposedly this really funny sex comedy from spain. ana y los otros was soooo horrible and the copy was so unclear. i'll be sure to look for your suggested movies. i just loooove european movies. my favorites are cinema paradiso and malena and y tu mama (but i think y tu's a bit overrated and all the hype gets in the way!). so that's it. c u next time! :D