Sunday, October 10, 2004

feeling sentimental.

i made something. call it whatever you like. i call it a labor of luuuuv!

i shrunk it here but if you save it, it saves full size (800x600?)

my 2e1 classmates. i don't know why i didn't do this for my old class. maybe it was because i didn't know photoshop then. anyways, i'm really proud of it so here i am, writing about it. gotta sleep early. going to church tomorrow... err later

resolution #1: will no longer be mad at grace for criticizing the way i dress
resolution #1a: will dress more appropriately for a sunday school teacher!
resolution #2: will devote less time for eating
resolution #3: will devote more time for updating my website
resolution #4: will jog and exercise more so that i won't be a balyena by the next sem

there, that's pretty much it. those were my non-new year resolutions :D

hehehe *nyl*