Saturday, October 16, 2004

chivalry is dead.

chivalry is dead. (mona lisa smile inspired)

is it really? I've asked myself this question so many times. there are times when I'm bombarded with all these feminist ideas on how guys should treat girls. girls can do anything guys can and no special treatment should be given. but why is it that in the mrt or in the bus, we're always expected to give up our seat? people frown upon the able bodied man who sits down when a middle-aged lady with five shopping bags is hanging on to her life. who knows the story of either individual. maybe the guy has been standing all day. maybe she has been sitting all her life and so standing up is rest for her. people don't think that anymore. they just assume the guy is some male chauvinist pig who's so into himself that he doesn't care about anyone else, women especially. there was one time I walked around makati for about an hour and all I wanted was to sit down in the mrt. but when I got there, after a few stations, I just had this weird feeling that I wanted to give my seat up. I did, actually, and my feet hurt even more.

so really, is chivalry dead? or does it die when girls want it to? there was a time when men were thought of as a higher gender. after a while, women fought for equal footing. there's no harm in that, really. I think it's quite commendable for someone to fight back under pressure. but for these same women to look back after a few years and say that men are the weaker sex, I think that's crazy. they're guilty of the same crime that they so lovingly accused our entire gender of. why is it that they once said men and women are equal and now they turn around and say men are idiots. idiotic chauvinist pigs. I think that's just plain crazy.

why are women like this? they expect us to give up our chair and never assert our rights. after watching mona lisa smile, I finally got my answer. after so many years of oppression, these women finally fought back. it's fine. perfect... peachy ... fine... but what was funny was women were the same people who enforced these crooked ideals. wasn't it a woman who said to Julia Roberts to not be so liberal. wasn't it a woman who wrote all those crooked things about the same women who fought for their rights

chivalry is dead. yeah right. more of men are too stupid to notice that chivalry dies when women want it to.

wow, this is getting pretty long. did anybody see house of flying daggers? horrible movie with a pathetic excuse for a plot. all the acting skills of the actors and actresses went straight to the pooper. how many times must zhang zi yi die and then resurrect? anyways, I think that movie is the perfect example of the two faces of women. zhang zi yi kicks ass. she's supposedly blind and she kicks several men's asses (some even simultaneously) but then she gets rescued by takeshi kaneshiro and then suddenly, everything's jello. she reverts into this weakling kitty I'm-so-in-love with you gooey eyed girl. she is after all still a girl. a girl who may think she wants chivalry to die. a girl who may think that men are the weaker sex. but at the end of the day, she is still a girl and at the sight of a man who can dominate her reverts to her original state. woman was made this way, I hope. otherwise, she's been working extra hard for everyone else, including the future generations to learn this.

call me a pompous pug(nosedfreakazoid?). call me a chauvinist pig. call me anything you like but I'm just a man who's speaking my mind. maybe I'm a little extra ornery. my tailbone still hurts. aaaah!